Lapis philosophorum

In the darkest chambers of our heart

We sat and eat the poor mans bread

We found, destroyed and than depart

What has no end and did not start

We died inside

In endless pride

staying behind

In the wrong places

With the blind

This lover is a restless beast

Eyes closed upon the stars

We did not find what we have lost

Under endless scars

And while we fear

The innocence of nervous deer

We choose to be

The monstrous lie of vanity


Nothing is perfect in the shadows beneath

And thats what I know

As I know what I feel

That the flesh does not heal

The wounds that we need

Iacta alea est

I am in this vacuum

Of god knows where

And restless like

A thick black air

Around my lifeless hand

I am blind and try to sing

To the dying light

And the night I bring

Caffeine and nicotine

And lonely drives along the sea

And stars falling from the wind

growing into you and me

Tibetan book of death

An empty house I left
Along the darkest hour
Where the stars and nebulas
I brought, never came to flower

I closed the door upon the ceiling
I sealed it with my dying hand
As this house will soon forget
Where I go or where I went

I take a bow, and walk the walk
As mirrors break, and mirrors lock
And all the stars they stream away
From the house I closed today


I woke up, on the floor of my tomb
And darkness all around
I tried to move my arms and legs
But it seemed they where not there

It took me some time to realize
That I was pure consciousness,
and started traveling

Living Alchemy

What if you awaken from a long long dream
A world you reflect on from your blind eyes
You see the good and judge the bad
But none of that is what it seems

A universe of expanding what?
When books and plants and stones
Spring from the condition of your brain
That splits in half by this membrane

You seek the stone, the wonder cure
That heals the sick and open wound
A treasure for the longing man
And none of this is true

A god, a man, a mouse
A perspective forever changing in your eyes
As we are the builders, always been,
of the dreamer and the dream

No time, no space, no human race
No universe or stars outside
The travel you perceive to be
Imaginary alchemy

And here lies the magic of beyond
As we create yesterday from now
When membrane burns and heart is open
The mouth that speaks will be spoken