Anu Alexander is a Dutch artist, painter and poet. His work is a myriad of intense emotions and extraterrestrial beings, lost in between dreams and brush strokes profoundly etched in the mind of the receiver.
His work has been exhibited and commissioned all over Europe.


Anu Alexander grew up in the Netherlands.
Inspired by nature, extraterrestrial beings, encounters with beings from other planets in dreams and by astral traveling. Anu Alexander paints and writes poetry, once you have seen his work you will never forget.

Any attempt to define Anu Alexander’s work would be quite impossible: the power of his strokes transcends the retina. Exalting the viewer into the realms of magnificence unseen, untouched. Powerful and poignant. 
— Zina S. Sparling, London

Anu Alexander’s work is a portal to a multidimensional universe and in the same time it has the ability to touch you on a very deep personal level.
— Willemijn van Olphen, Algarve Portugal

Art from Anu is extraordinary and whispering to your soul.
— Lie Hoogenberk, The Netherlands

An extraordinairy sensitive and yet powerful man. A visionair with his heart on his tongue. He touches your soul and brings new insights.  His strength is captured uniquely in his work. Every expresssion radiates his energy.
— Elsa Bonouvrier and Bob Meynen, Oliveira de Hospital, Portugal


From the moment my eyes set sight on Anu Alexander’s painting of the Atlantean Prince I knew he had not only caught the attention of my imagination but that he had captured the voyage of the soul. 
— Oliver Ramos, Lisbon

The work of painter Anu Alexander touches all varieties of intriguing, magnificent magical realism. In his own words as a poet: ” time is round…we travel standing still…”
— Eugénie Adney and Isabella van der Linden, The Netherlands

You rarely meet someone who has the talent to let you see the inner you.
— Ellen Straten, The Netherlands