Anu Alexander Kruijtbosch

Anu Alexander is a man with extraordinairy gifts. His paintings started as intense mystic journeys through time and space. Where he encounters all that cannot be put in words. From deep within and far beyond anything that can be imagined. Yet there is an indispensable recognition in his style and the worlds he travels, through colour and movement. Always reflecting what wants to be known, and yet cannot be known. Where everyting is found and nothing can be lost. Intens and emotional words linger in his poetry, encountering all.

In between brush strokes and poetry his life equals his art. There is no-one as dynamic and controversial in his lifestyle and vision. Having lived for 5 years in rural Portugal, now relocating to The Netherlands. He has exhibited in several european countries of which you can find some here.


 Exhibition London gallery Cosmo 2017



Various exhibitions from over the last 19 years in different countries: 


2014 Coimbra, Gois, Portugal, Cultural Centre of Art Long Term Exhibition

2012 Marvão, Portugal Gastronomic Festival Marvão

2012 Castelo de Vide, Portugal, Restaurant Lounge-Bar ‘Paladar’

2011 Campo Maior, Portugal, Exhibition Centre Campo Maior

2009 Castelo de Vide, Portugal, Gallery Artitudo 

2007 Naarden Vesting, Netherlands, Gallery Burkin ‘Art

2007 Portalegre, Portugal, Tapestry Museum, Guy Fino

2005 Voorschoten, Netherlands, Studio Metropolis

2004 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Gallery “Walls”

2003 Arnhem, Netherlands, Park Sonsbeek, “The Watermill”

2002 Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal, 1st Int. Salon of Contemporary Artists 

2002 Portalegre, Portugal, District Centre Portalegre, Gallery I.S.S.S 

2001 Castelo the Vide, Portugal, Restaurant Marino’s

2001 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Gallery “1718”

2000 Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands, “Castle Wijk bij Duurstede”

2000 Naarden Vesting, Netherlands, Gallery “Bastion Katten”

2000 Naarden Vesting, Netherlands, Hotel-Restaurant “Poorters”

1999 Turino, Italy, Community of Damanhur

1999 Berlin, Germany, Gallery “Das Lichthaus”

1997 Vierhouten, Netherlands, Eigentijds Festival

1996 Delft, Netherlands, Cultural Café “Verderop”


All the work has been made with acrylic on canvas.